Volunteer Opportunity

Football Kit Manager


Days/hours of Volunteering

Age Restrictions

Physical/Sensory/Learning Disabilities

Typical responsibilities:

Pre-Season Activities:

  • Preparation for Training and Matches
  • Organizing training kits for players
  • Ensuring all equipment (balls, cones, bibs, etc.) is in good condition and ready for use

During the Season:

  • Matchday Preparation
  • Transporting kits and equipment to match venues
  • Setting up the dressing room with players’ kits and ensuring everything is in place

Equipment Maintenance:

  • Washing and drying uniforms and training kits
  • Repairing or replacing damaged gear
  • Keeping track of all equipment to prevent losses

Post-Match Activities:

  • Collecting and packing all kits and equipment after matches
  • Ensuring that all items are accounted for and in good condition
  • Washing kits and making any necessary repairs
  • Preparing kits for the next training session or match

Desirable skills:

  • Organizational Skills: Managing inventory, scheduling, and logistics
  • Attention to Detail: Ensuring all gear is correctly prepared and maintained
  • Communication Skills: Effectively liaising with players, coaches, and suppliers
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Quickly addressing any issues with equipment or logistics
  • Physical Fitness: Handling the physical demands of transporting and setting up equipment

About the Voluntary Organisation:

Birkirkara FC Women

Birkirkara FC Women is a prominent women’s football team based in Birkirkara, Malta. Established as the women’s section of Birkirkara FC, the team has been a dominant force in Maltese women’s football. They have consistently performed well in the Maltese Women’s football, securing numerous league titles and cup victories over the years. The team is known for its strong player development program, which has produced several talented players who have gone on to represent the Maltese national team. Birkirkara FC Women prides itself on fostering a competitive and supportive environment, emphasizing both athletic excellence and personal growth for its players.