Volunteer Opportunity

Summer Club animator/helper


Victoria, Gozo
Days/hours of Volunteering

Age Restrictions


Typical responsibilities:

  • organising and managing the Club
  • creating information links, mainly through social media
  • assisting other volunteers in organising arts, crafts, drama, dancing, sports and other creative sessions for children
  • organising special activities from time to time

Desirable skills:

  • enthusiastic motivation to work with children
  • willingness to work in teams
  • we would greatly appreciate creative skills (expressed through Arts and Crafts) as well as performing arts skills(expressed through Drama, Dancing, etc.).

About the Voluntary Organisation:

Don Bosco Oratory, Gozo

During the last twenty years since the inception of the Don Bosco Summer Club, through our international contacts, we have had youths from England, Poland, Germany and Sweden who joined us for a brief period in order to gain experience in educating children in an informal setting. Moreover, over the years we have had tertiary students following educational, social and well-being courses, who were encouraged by their tutors or educational institutions, to join our Summer Club in order to gain some experience with the kids.