Youth Voluntary Service - Overseas Programme

The Youth Voluntary Service – Overseas Programme supports overseas voluntary work experiences for young people coordinated by locally registered Voluntary Organisations. YVS supports international voluntary service in Africa, Asia, Gulf Countries or South America. Additionally, European voluntary projects are also considered when the projects cannot be supported under any other EU programmes or schemes.


  • Volunteers must be between 18 to 30 years old
  • The duration of the voluntary experience must be between two (2) weeks and three (3) months.

How it works

  1. Application

    Youth Volunteer applications for overseas voluntary work must be submitted at least two (2) calendar months prior to mobility.

  2. Assessment

    Host approval is awarded on a project by project basis. Please check guidelines for assessment criteria.

  3. Financial Allowance

    Maximum number of mobilities which can be approved is 4 per project and 8 per calendar year (divided between different projects).
    The programme shall cover the following:
    a. A per diem allowance of €15
    b. 80% travel expenses (flights)
    c. Travel and health insurance. 

    The maximum financial allocation for each Youth Volunteer shall be €2,500.


Login to apply

Please login using the credentials set on the VO Funding Portal. If you don't have a Voluntary Organisation account, register to recruit volunteers.