What is EU Mobility?

Are you between 18 and 30 and looking for an opportunity to participate in a volunteering mission in Europe?

You could do this with funding and support from the European Solidarity Corps, giving you an opportunity of a lifetime to be part of a project that will benefit the community, either in your own country or abroad.

Are you up for a challenge? Now is your chance to bring change and make a meaningful contribution to society while engaging yourself in an empowering experience which will also develop your skills and capabilities.

With tons of opportunities to choose from, you will definitely find a project which matches your interests – be it education, environment protection, migration, culture, humanitarian aid, sport and many more.

If you’re going abroad, 2 organisations will be involved:

  • supporting organisation – based in your home country, will help you prepare for your experience abroad
  • host organisation – will receive and help you in your destination country. 

How it works

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Journey of Youth Self-Development - J.O.Y.S

Volunteers who are participating in the Youth Voluntary Service programme or in a EU mobility programme are also eligible to participate in the J.O.Y.S. programme (Journey of Youth Self-Development). 

The self-development programme consists of different resources including:

  • My Journey – a 31-day self-development Journal
  • Mentoring (one-to-one/small groups)
  • Monthly self-development workshops