Local Volunteers

Volunteers of all ages

MCVS can assist you in the recruiting process of local volunteers in order to support the expansion and growth of your voluntary organisation. Once you apply to recruit local volunteers, MCVS will include your voluntary organisation details and the voluntary roles available within your organisation on our website. Once a volunteer is interested in your voluntary opportunity, you will be notified accordingly to set a meeting with them.

Youth Volunteers

Youth Voluntary Service

Voluntary Organisations can choose to enroll in the Youth Voluntary Service programme and start hosting a number of youth volunteers (ages 16-30) within their organisation. The Youth Voluntary Service is a programme which aims to assist young people in becoming active volunteers through facilitating volunteering opportunities to help the community.

The Youth volunteers in the YVS Local programme have the opportunity to volunteer with a voluntary organisation of their choice from 2 months up to a maximum of 6 months whilst benefitting from a monthly stipend. The renumeration rate is at €3.50 per hour for a maximum of 15 hours every week. Voluntary organisations which have the capacity to host young volunteers are encouraged to enroll in this programme and make a positive impact on Maltese youths.

How it works

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Please login using the credentials set on the VO Funding Portal. If you don't have a Voluntary Organisation account, register to recruit volunteers.