Volunteer Opportunity

Administration helper


Days/hours of Volunteering

Age Restrictions

18+ or with parental consent if under 18

Typical responsibilities:

  • supporting the organisation: i.e. planning, promoting and marketing, implementing and evaluating a variety of fundraising events.
  • helping in the identification of possible contacts for monetary donations and other support in kind.
  • liaising with various services to keep an up-to-date list of fundraising events and an up-to-date database of donations in kind.
  • have the opportunity to pool in new fundraising ideas.

Desirable skills:

• Good communication skills
• Inter and intrapersonal skills
• Organisation skills
• Be able to work in a team and with member of the public
• Time management
• Ability to work with several professionals
• Confidence
• Following instructions
• Responsible
• Reliable
• Ability to work on own initiative

About the Voluntary Organisation:

Fondazzjoni Sebh

The mission of Fondazzjoni Sebħ began in 1956 when the Archdiocese of Malta decided to coordinate the work done with children living in residential homes run by male and female religious congregations. Fondazzjoni Sebħ was initially known as Ufficju Djoċesan Djar tat-Tfal and later changed to Ufficju Ejjew Għandi. In 2018 the entity registered itself as an NGO and in 2019 it became established as Fondazzjoni Sebħ VO/1622. Since 1952, the primary focus was on Children’s Homes. This changed in 2000 when the Archdiocese of Malta opened Dar Qalb ta’ Ġesu, a second-stage shelter for survivors of domestic violence which is now called Il-Milja. This shelter was the first of its kind in Malta as it focussed on empowering women and children to reintegrate into the community, independent from their abuser. Since then Fondazzjoni Sebħ has also incorporated a Community Prevention Service which covers the areas of Hamrun and Marsa.