Volunteer Opportunity

Youth Mentor and Assistant Coach


Days/hours of Volunteering

Age Restrictions


Typical responsibilities:

  • Support to mentors and coaches.

Desirable skills:

  • Good use of IT
  • Good use of the English language
  • Good manners

About the Voluntary Organisation:

Lija Athletic Football Club

The club celebrates an important 75th anniversary in 2024/2025 and is the main sports voluntary organisation within the village and community of both Ħal Lija and L-Iklin. The club also has an academy of circa 180 children and is respected by other football clubs and several VOs both within Ħal Lija and outside the village. The club also has a resto-bar and a nineteenth century clubhouse in the village core, frequented by its members and several locals and foreigners from all over the country and beyond. The club’s mission statement is to create a professional setup within an organised structure that offers the best quality coaching and support in a family environment without several external pressures. The club is also affiliated to the Malta Football Association and Sport Malta and currently competes in the local Challenge League football domestic competitions. The club is solely dependent on sponsorships, benefactors, donations, grants and funding to keep itself going, however the committee has always worked tirelessly to sustain the club in its best possible ways and with people giving their best of their talents to aid this flourishing organisation prosper.