Volunteer Opportunity

Athletics Assistant


Days/hours of Volunteering
weekend afternoons

Age Restrictions

Physical/Sensory/Learning Disabilities

Typical responsibilities:

  • Setting up and dismantling event infrastructure such as tents, barriers, signage, and equipment.
  • Assist judges during events.
  • Provide support to athletes by directing them to the appropriate areas, answering questions, and assisting with any special needs or requests.
  • Operate water stations along the course, distributing water and hydration products to athletes as they pass by.
  • Manage crowd flow and ensure spectators remain in designated areas, especially during high-traffic times such as the start or finish of races.
  • Volunteers with medical training or certifications can provide first aid and assistance to athletes or spectators.
  • Assist with post-event cleanup efforts, including trash collection, recycling, and restoration of the event venue to its original condition.

Desirable skills:

Simple reading and writing

Able to compute simple commands

Healthy and and able to move comfortably in the confines of an athletic stadium.

About the Voluntary Organisation:

Malta Amateur Athletics Association

Malta Amateur Athletics Association is a sport Association focusing on athletics.