Volunteer Opportunity

Science Communications Volunteer


University of Malta
Days/hours of Volunteering

Age Restrictions

Physical/Sensory/Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Difficulties

Typical responsibilities:

  • Training will focus on science communication and all the activities linked to this profession; writing, editing, magazine production, evaluation, surveys, collecting and analysing data, reporting, event organisation and coordination, social media and website management.
  • Training will also be offered in photography, design or video production.
  • The opportunities to work on vast number of science communication activities and projects, both EU and local, will help with putting these new skills into practice.

Desirable skills:

  • Skills in event organisation, marketing, social media, website management, article writing, data collection and analysis are considered an asset. However, training in all these areas will be given to the volunteers.
  • The ability to work well in a team, as well as a good grasp of both the written and spoken English language are essential.
  • A basic understanding of the importance of science communication is required.

About the Voluntary Organisation:

Malta Chamber of Scientists

Founded on the 2nd December 1992, the Malta Chamber of Scientists (MCS) is a learned society and organisation of professionals, academics, teachers and students involved in the field of science. We endeavour to act as a centre point for making new contacts, as well as a hub for the discussion and exchange of innovative ideas. Our ultimate goals are to improve science awareness and develop informed opinions, increase student uptake of STEM careers for high-level jobs, stimulate the socio-economic wellbeing of partner countries, and enhance the transferable skills of current researchers.