Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Youth Worker


Santa Venera, Rabat, Birkirkara
Days/hours of Volunteering

Age Restrictions

Physical/Sensory/Learning Disabilities

Typical responsibilities:

  • Fostering the holistic growth of the youths within the Foundation
  • Facilitating activities and mentoring young people through their various challenges
  • Help in the organization of projects, retreats, and activities to promote social development, life skills, and healthy relationships

Desirable skills:

  • A passion for serving young people coupled with a strong Christian foundation
  • Reliability, a positive attitude, and a commitment to creating a fun and supportive environment
  • Outstanding communication skills, patience, and a commitment to fostering positive relationships with the other youth workers and the young people

About the Voluntary Organisation:

MSSP Youth Foundation (Malta)

The MSSP Youth Foundation (Malta) aims to represent and better consolidate a collection of existing youth programs and initiatives conducted within the Missionary Society of St. Paul. These programs include the educational ministry of St. Paul’s Missionary College (SPMC) in Rabat, as well as the participation of older youths attending the Oratory MSSP in Birkirkara. The primary objective is to promote integration among our various groups of youth, alongside other existing programs, and work towards the future establishment of a more structured and comprehensive organization. The organization operates primarily through the efforts of dedicated MSSP priests, who are actively involved in facilitating the programs. Additionally, a considerable number of trained lay individuals voluntarily contribute to supporting the program. We are also currently engaged in the process of training interested youth leaders to ensure their continued involvement and commitment to the project.