Volunteer Opportunity

Site Manager Assistant


Marsaskala, Marsaxlokk
Days/hours of Volunteering

Age Restrictions


Typical responsibilities:

  • Regular cleaning of nature reserves: Volunteers undertake routine cleaning and maintenance activities to maintain cleanliness in the sites we manage.
  • Control and removal of alien invasive species: Volunteers work to identify and remove non-native plant and animal species that pose a threat to local biodiversity.
  • Seed, cutting, and sucker collection of indigenous species: Volunteers collect seeds, cuttings, and suckers of native plant species to for propagation and conservation purposes.
  • Propagation and irrigation of native species: Volunteers engage in the propagation of native species, ensuring their growth and survival through proper irrigation and care.
  • Environmental monitoring: Volunteers participate in monitoring programs to monitor environmental conditions.
  • Environmental Education and ESD (Education for Sustainable Development): Volunteers contribute to educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices within the community.
  • Assisting in the organization of events: Volunteers help in planning and coordinating environmental events.
  • Reviewing research: Volunteers contribute to the review and evaluation of scientific research related to conservation and environmental issues.
  • Social media work: Volunteers actively contribute to the social media work by generating content for social media platforms.

Desirable skills:

  • Working outdoors
  • Communication in English and Maltese
  • Use of computer/smartphone
  • Use of hand-held tools

About the Voluntary Organisation:

Nature Trust - FEE Malta

NTM-FEE is a non-profit non-governmental environmental organization working in the Maltese Islands.