Volunteer Opportunity

Youth Development Specialist


Days/hours of Volunteering

Age Restrictions

Physical/Sensory/Learning Disabilities

Typical responsibilities:

  • Contributing to community development guided by PROUTIST principles.
  • Collaborate with community stakeholders.
  • Facilitate the seamless integration of refugees and migrants into the community.
  • Engage youth in activities fostering PROUTIST democratic values.
  • Contribute to initiatives focused on disaster prevention.
  • Educate and engage youth in environmental preservation efforts.
  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals to address well-being concerns.
  • Encourage artistic expression and the appreciation of cultural diversity.

Desirable skills:

  • Proven experience in working with diverse demographics, including children, the elderly, disabled individuals, refugees, and migrants, while embracing PROUTIST principles.
  • Proficiency or experience in areas such as healthcare, first aid, interpreting/translating, teaching, training, coaching, catering, environmental protection, building/construction/engineering, driving, arts/music, IT, media/communications/events, project management, and administration, aligned with PROUTIST ideals.

About the Voluntary Organisation:

Proutist Universal Malta

Proutist Universal is a non-profit and non-governmental international organisation working in different countries around the world based on a socio-economic theory Prout, Progressive Utilization Theory. Proutist Universal Malta is Malta based NGO working locally and participating in service activities with other NGOs in Malta and Europe. The goal of the organisation is to help needy and disadvantaged people to provide basic needs and sustainable holistic ways of living through healthy lifestyles. The organisation engage with European Added Value project through workshops, seminars and classes. The organisation promotes diversity, universalism, equality and unity among the participants. People with fewer opportunities and facing discriminated get opportunities to participate in different volunteering projects. Through the activity, the organisation promotes, sustainable living, healthy lifestyle and ethical values. The projects include with helping people with poverty and economic hardship. Through the activity, the organisation promotes, sustainable living, healthy lifestyle and ethical values. PU Malta works with local NGOs and other NGOs in Europe with sustainable community development goals and fulfilling other objectives of European Union. PU Malta organizes multicultural activities such as, yoga meditation classes and workshops on sustainability, holistic and community building among different types of people, such as, students, youths and elders.